The Sam Nujoma Foundation

The Sam Nujoma Foundation (SNF) is a non-profit organisation that was established in 2005. It is currently operating under the mandate of the Founding President's office. The foundation is governed by a Deed of Trust with the objectives of pursuing self-reliance and capacity building in the benefit of all Namibians, irrespective of race, religion, gender, creed or ethnic origin. The Sam Nujoma Foundation was officially launched on 18 February 2005 and is led by a Seven Member Board of Trustees, assisted by a three member ad-hoc Management Committee.   

Recent Statement(s) 2018


H.E Dr. Sam Nujoma (Patron)
King Josia Taapopi (Uukwaluudhi)
Dr. Jean- Pierre Ilboudo (UNESCO)

Click here for Dr Nujoma' Statement that he delivered at Omagongo Festival

H.E Dr. Sam Nujoma delivering a Statement on the occasion of Omagongo Festival at Onalushwa Village, Uukwaluudhi. The second photos shows women taking carrying Omagongo in pots to the venue.
Photo: Kashindi Ausiku


upcoming events

Omagongo Festival

Date:       26 May 2018

Venue:     King Josiah Taapopi's Palace


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